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When you design, you’re thinking strategy. You’re thinking how to design a site that’s irresistible to your client’s customers. You’re thinking “how do we create an amazing experience“.

You need a technical partner who thinks the same way; who can turn those beautiful designs into reality.

But more than that, you need someone who listens. Someone you can talk through your ideas with and who can help you avoid awkward conversations when clients love something that can’t be built the way you’d designed.

You want someone you can say this about…

Sally is hands down the best developer I've ever worked with. As the owner of a busy little brand studio I know I can trust Sally to keep projects on track, care enough to think about the little details and the big ones, problem solve the tough bits, and all with the most helpful attitude. I just know she's always got my back and that's such a comfort for any owner of a growing business.

Naomi Gora -

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Hi there!

I’m Sally, a WordPress website developer from New Zealand, and I work with strategic brand and web designers worldwide, who care about creating high quality WordPress websites and beautiful Shopify stores. I’m also a gardener, highly skilled at growing weeds. And sometimes vegetables.

Woman picking vegetables in a garden.

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